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EQMOD randomly stops tracking

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Hi All

I have been using my 'best' laptop with Windows 8.1 to control an EQ5 Pro mount via a USB/Serial converter with a lead directly to the hand controller set to PC Direct Mode.  On the same laptop I have installed PHD2 for guiding and BackyardEOS for image capture and a gampepad for ease of 'tweaking' the telescope pointing. I have also installed Cartes du Ciel (CdC) to find and slew to targets.  This system has worked flawlessly (other than 'idiot induced' problems) for a number of months now.  I was lucky enough to be given another, slightly older, laptop to use so I thought the 'best' laptop could stay in the office and the older laptop could now become the astro imaging laptop.  As far as I can see, I have everything configured the same and, on first trials in daylight, everything seemed to be working OK.  Could connect to the mount OK, control via gampad OK, PHD2 connected OK etc etc.

First 'imaging in anger' night seemed to going well until I noticed that the star trails suddenly appeared to be streaked after successfully capturing a few previous images.  PHD2 was still connected but the guide star was way off target (the little green square in PHD) and appeared to be drifting as I watched.  CdC (the planetarium software I use) was still connected but the rectangle indicating the camera's field of view was also drifting off target.  On looking at the EQMOD window I noticed that tracking was 'off'. "Another idiot induced problem?" I thought.  Selected Sidereal Tracking in EQMOD and I heard the motors of the mount start 'whirring' again.  Selected target in CdC and slewed the 'scope back to the target.  Selected guide star again in PHD and guiding started OK (I could hear the motor 'tones' changing  as they received correction signals from PHD.  Back on track - so I thought!  After a short while, the problem occurred again - Sidereal tracking was shown as being turned off in EQMOD.

These are only differences between the successful setup and the rogue version;

Working System 2.4ghz processor, Windows 8.1
Failing system 2.2ghz processor, Windows 7

Has anyone else had this problem?  Any suggestions as to what could be causing this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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I have taken PHD and CdC out of the equation by connecting to the mount via the EQASCOM Toolbox.  With PHD and CdC not running and the gamepad turned off the mount tracked for about 10 minutes before the Sidereal Tracking 'switched off' again.  Without doing anything to the setup, I tried slewing the 'scope using the direction arrows in EQMOD and these worked fine so the mount is still communicating with the laptop and EQMOD.

It seems to me that the problem could be with EQMOD 

or could it be Windows 7 :-(

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20 hours ago, Uplooker said:

Are there any "Limits" set within EQMod?

Hi Ian

Must apologise.  I have found the "Mount Limits" check box to be ticked and, since unticking, seems to be tracking OK.

In the words of Homer Simpson - "Doh!" :confused2:


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16 hours ago, Uplooker said:

Hi sorry, only seen your reply(s).

Glad you got it sorted. If that is the biggest "Homer" moment you have in astronomy you are doing very, very well ?

Had 3 or so hours of success last night.  'Scope tracked well, tracking and guiding didn't fail at all and only had to stop when camera battery died.  First attempt at M42 with this setup :-)


Well pleased.


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  • 3 years later...

I have that tick box checked but I’m finding my mount just stops tracking after around 15mins, it’s really annoying. 
any thoughts?

ive read that it could my my USB port on my laptop turning itself off to save power. But my mount battery died before I could try this out. 


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12 hours ago, Sidecontrol said:

I have that tick box checked but I’m finding my mount just stops tracking after around 15mins, it’s really annoying. 
any thoughts?

ive read that it could my my USB port on my laptop turning itself off to save power. But my mount battery died before I could try this out. 


I started with an EQ5 Pro and using EQMod via the hand controller. Had the exact same issue. Mount would stop tracking after a few minutes. Unticking the mount limits box fixed it. A strange quirk if working through the hand controller.

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4 hours ago, david_taurus83 said:

I started with an EQ5 Pro and using EQMod via the hand controller. Had the exact same issue. Mount would stop tracking after a few minutes. Unticking the mount limits box fixed it. A strange quirk if working through the hand controller.

As it stands it seems to work, before I made a change it cut off after like 2 mins lol once I made the change it’s currently been going for 20mins. 

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      Sorry this is so long but I hope it helps someone out there. So to round off when you fire up the mount it becomes address no 1, any physical device gets the next address 2, any software running on the that device gets the next address 3. When you fire up SkySafari it must have the same address as the one that the SynScan app has got and this can e changed in SkySafari settings. None of this makes any sense to me as I thought software couldn't act in that way but there you are. I hope I have got this right feel free to contact me if things don't work
    • By morayskies
      Hi All
      Has anybody else had this problem?
      I use a single, ageing laptop (HP620 8Gb RAM) running Windows 7 Pro 64bit to control my imaging setup using the following software;
      Cartes du Ciel and EQMOD to control EQ5 Pro mount via EQDIRECT cable connected via powered USB Hub
      BackyardEOS to capture images from Canon 450D via same USB powered hub
      PHD2 for guiding using GP-CAM 130C and EQMOD pulse guiding
      What confuses me is that some evenings everything works absolutely fine.  Another evening, using exactly the same hardware, software and even connections (ie I always plug the leads into the same ports) the system will be working fine but then suddenly fail.  The failure affects EQMOD indicating a timeout or port not available issue and the Canon 450D also 'locks' requiring a restart of the camera and BackyardEOS.
      I have run USBTree during such a failure and it is showing that the EQDIRECT cable (ie serial converter) is still connected to COM4 (which is correct) and the Canon 450D is also still connected.  I basically have to ensure that all the software is closed and any associated services also stopped.  Of course, the scope is now pointing away from its home position so I have to move it manually back to 'home' before starting again.
      My thoughts are that there could be a number of issues;
      1. Use of a USB hub
      2. A dodgy EQDIRECT cable
      3. USB cables too long (ie about 5m)
      4. Windows is turning off a connection (I have set the power management for each USB port to 'off')
      5. Canon 450D somehow 'freezing'

      When using this laptop, I turn off the Wifi and Anti Virus and Automatic Updates are also off.
      It just baffles me that sometimes this system works flawlessly for hours and yet other nights it keeps failing.
      Any suggestions gratefully received.
      Thanks for looking.
    • By Demonperformer
      I am at a complete loss to understand why eqmod was not syncing on CdC last night. I have had a look at this video, I had the star centred on the screen [3m33s], I pressed sync on CdC, I got the dialog box [3m39s], I clicked 'yes' and NOTHING happened: the white circle stayed where it was, no sync points were added to EQMOD, zilch!
      I can get round most problems, but this really one stymies my GOTOs and, therefore, my imaging process.
      I have been unable to find anything in the EQMOD documentation that deals with such an error and a search on here has turned up no help (but that always depends on the words put into the search!). I checked all the obvious things (location, date/time, etc - but why any of these should stop sync working is beyond me). It's all running on Windoze 10.
      Any suggestions on why this should have stopped working and (more importantly) how I might get it working?
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