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Just got back from Oz...


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On ‎18‎/‎01‎/‎2017 at 19:38, niallk said:


I was out in a boat at night in clear skies on the Barrier Reef ... 16yrs ago before I was keen on astronomy. What I'd give to see the LMC and SMC now, and drive my dob across those skies :rolleyes:!!!

think yourself lucky...Scott moved to the U.K. then got into astronomy!

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We got back to UK from Victoria on the 18th. Had a great time and a very warm welcome for the group at the Mount Burnett Observatory. Had an interesting discussion with the MBO guys, who insisted that the sword and belt of Orion form the handle and pot of a saucepan when it's the Aussie way up!

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27 minutes ago, Merlin said:

It must have been quite an headache for you Geoff having to observe while standing on your head  under an Oz sky.

:happy8: Thankfully, most of the telescopes at MBO show an inverted image! I've attached a crop of a shot taken with my smartphone (8 sec, ISO 800) from outside the cottage we rented for our stay over there.


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