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Digiscoping Adapter

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I have a Revelation 8" Dob, I've done some images using a modified webcam, but I'm wondering about trying a digiscoping adapter to attach one of my (according to the wife too many!) cameras.


I have the standard eyepieces, 1.25" and 2", but I notice that the didgiscope adapters say 1.25" or 2".


Would a 2" work for both eyepieces? Possibly with something to pack the adapter when using a 1.25" EP???





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When i bought one of these adapters i bought the 2" by mistake. I got over this problem by constructing a small "wedge" made of cardboard folded over,bent to shape and covered in tape to make it solid. I could then use my 1.25" EP's.

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17 hours ago, Sneezy24 said:

I thought that would work.

I might go high-tech and make the wedge out of wood!



That will work. Here's the one i bought in 2" format. It doesnt quite hold the 1.25" EP's, so the little wedge i made worked well. I afixed it on the inside of the adapter at the top where the "clamp" comes down to tighten around the EP. Hindsight though........i should have fixed it to the bottom inner part of adapter. No worries......i didnt use it much and bought a Canon 450D DSLR.



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