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TS Photoline 80mm Triplet advice

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I'm after getting a new 80mm refractor as a travel scope to cart back and forth to Spain and here when away for weekends, so am weighing these TS ones up against having another try with the SW Esprit 80mm.  I had to return my Esprit as mechanically it was awful, and had my 100mm rejected by ES Reid on mechanical grounds also, so have lost a little faith in them.  When adding shipping and FF, it comes in a fair bit less than the Esprit also, so I wondered if anyone has any experience of using these for imaging, or more specifically any horror stories to share so I'm comfortable I'm not heading down the wrong route.

Would welcome your thoughts as it seems good up to fairly large sensors, and whilst I currently only use the 460EX, if I got the 2.5" FF, it would give me future possibilities of using larger sensors.

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Exactly which scope are you asking about beause there is 2 different triplets called Photoline 80, one of the versions even has the choice of 2 different focusers.


Without knowing the scope you're looking at i can give some points on the focuser of this scope which is probably something you're very interested in


I got the big brother of this focuser, 3".

The 3" is very good and stable, it's very smooth and can hold high loads. Rotation is very smooth and there doesn't seem to be any problems with tilt when everything is adjusted perfectly.

Also a big plug is that you can get a very good quality motor focuser for it from Optec.

At first i bought the USB Focus from TS and it wasn't delivered with all the parts/wrong parts to fit it. The Producer never supplied the correct parts to get it working so i had to fix it myself. When things was working mechanically the software/driver struggles started....so my advice for USB Focus, Stay away!

I upgraded to an Optec focuser recently and never had a problem with it. It's expensive, but if bought as a kit directly from Optec you get a discount when buying motor+controller. Still expensive, but definitely worth it because of the quality and ease of use.19778_010_full.jpg

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Sorry missed that detail, it is the 2.5" focuser I'm looking at and generally like to have my optical train screwed if possible, which this enables with the correct adaptors.


I have written to TS asking for advice on adaptors and spacings etc. and just waiting for them to get back to me.

I think barring anyone having real horror stories this could be a good option.

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