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Skywatcher 200P OTA with Low-Profile Dual-Speed Crayford Focuser and upgrades.

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A lovely blue tube Skywatcher 200P (8") Newtonian Reflector Telescope OTA that is has been substantially upgraded.
Diameter: 200mm
Focal Length: 1000mm
Focal Ratio: F5

* Skywatcher blue-tube 200P
* Skywatcher Low Profile Dual Speed Crayford Focuser (2", with 1.25" adapter) [RRP £132] 
* Black tube rings
* Long Dovetail bar
* Whole tube Flocked with black velour material
* Blackened Secondary Mirror
* 9x50 Finderscope (blue)
* Adjustable collimation thumbscrews (Secondary)
* Bob's Knobs adjustable collimation thumbscrews (Primary)

This is for the OTA (telescope) only, no mount or eyepieces included.


Geoptik padded bag in red. £40

Would meet up within a reasonable distance of Leeds/Wakefield for fuel costs, or scope could be made available near Manchester or Chesterfield area given enough notice.






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Hi there.

Would you sell the  StarSharp Bahtinov Mask separate?
If it has the screws and all that so it attaches to the OTA, I'd be interested.
Could paypal or bank transfer the money to you, if you add on say the cost of postage too. :)


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Ideally I'd have sold it all together, but I can sell both the Bahtinov mask and Geoptik bag separately I suppose :)

I'll have to measure the mask and see how much P&P will be for you @Hailfire101.

Are you in the area @Spaceboy & able to collect the Geoptik bag?

Send me a PM if you like and we'll go from there?

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Hi, I'm rather interested in your OTA, but can't collect. Would you consider posting it? I had a quick look and some courier services aren't that expensive. I'm abroad ATM but I have an address in London area where it could be delivered.

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