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Polymer Cleaners

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Greetings, I seen a video on YouTube where a guy used some sort of polymer cleaner to clean the corrector plate on his SCT. It starts out as a liquid and dries firm. I was wondering if anyone here has used this method, if it is safe for the mirrors and if so can it be left on for a period of time? The reason I ask is cause I would like to use it to protect my mirrors while I disassembled my scope so I can regrease and make some modifications to the focus tube and correct the extreme mirror flop issue it seems to have. I bought a Crayford Focuser to help with this issue but would like to minimize the amount of mirror flop as much as possible.

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I read up on that stuff some time back. My take is that it's pre-mature to declare it safe with all types of optical-coatings in use. Until I see clear evidence that it really is, and not from a report by the manufacturer/advertiser, I personally won't touch it.

Call me a cynic - but I love my glass!


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I used Baader Wonder Fluid and a micro fibre cloth when I did the corrector on an SCT and the meniscus on a mak-newtonian. It worked very well, costs quite a bit less and you get enough to meet your cleaning needs for eyepieces and any other lenses you might have.

I read some reports on the polymer type cleaners a few years back and there were some issues with astro optics. Once person lost portions of their lens coatings and another had it seep between two lens elements. Perhaps the technology has moved on now but I'm still wary of what I put on my optics, and how often.


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