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Hi there, I'd like to  get my husband a telescope for his birthday. We're beginners and have a young daughter. We live in Nairobi  and go camping a lot and would like something portable that  we can take into the bush with us (so fairly robust). I've looked at ratings online and many recommended the Celestron 21035 70mm travel scope, but it got quite mixed reviews. Am  less concerned about astrophotography than just looking at the sky. Was also looking at Celestron NexStar 130 but also has a lot of mixed reviews including bad electronics. I'm willing to spend up to $400.  Since we live in Kenya, its hard to ship faulty scopes back and forth for repair. Does anyone have any particular recommendations? Want large aperture, robust, portable. Probably refractor. Any recommendations most welcome, thanks. 

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Hi there and welcome 

I am a newbie too, and looking to buy my first telescope and I have been asking lots of questions and everyone has been very helpful :-) 

This is on my list, though it is a reflector, it is very portable 


Sorry can't offer much more advice hopefully someone more experienced will come along!

Good luck with your search, if you are anything like me you will go from one scope to another :-D 

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Personally if I was going to remote areas perhaps for several days at a time, I would stick with manual and forget anything electrical.

I don't know about Kenya, but import taxes and transport costs can add quite a bit to the price. In Chile I can expect to pay 30% to 50% more over US prices if I'm lucky - it hurts!

What is portable for you, may not be for someone else! Perhaps the best value telescope would be a 6"/150mm Reflector on a Dobsonian mount. For transport, the telescope breaks down into the base and the tube, neither are particularly heavy and both will easily fit in a small car. Except that maybe you have a small car, large family and several enormous dogs plus a load of camping gear - then you have a problem!


On the other hand you might want to trek on foot or by horse in national parks etc., in which case you have altogether different criteria for size and weight. So perhaps something like a 100mm short-tube refractor on an Alt-az mount?


There are two types of tripod mount, Alt-Azimuth and Equatorial. The former allows you to move the telescope up-down and left-right. The later moves the telescope in an arc allowing you to track objects as they "move" across the sky. For purely visual use (as opposed to photography) Alt-az are much simpler to set up and use.

I imagine that in Kenya you have the advantage of many places with spectacular dark skies free from any significant light pollution. This means that smaller telescopes will perform better to an extent - even so, aperture is important. Personally I would recommend going for larger than 70mm as in the Celestron you are considering. More aperture will allow you to see fainter objects and will also allow higher magnifications for targets such as the Moon and planets.


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I should also add, in terms of portability, don't dismiss good binoculars. Hand-held binoculars such as 8x40 or 10x50 can be fantastic. Higher power binoculars, for example x15 or x20, will need a tripod - for example a photographic tripod which you may already have. Binoculars don't have the magnification to reveal great detail on the Moon or the planets, but they do provide great wide views of the night sky which can be really breath-taking!

Many models, brands and prices to consider, but these for example are well considered: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/helios/helios-quantum-4-if-20x80-binoculars.html

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I'd forget about the Travelscope 70. While the scope is great as a widefield scope,i find it lacking if you want to look at planets or galaxies. The tripod that is sold with it just isnt much good at all. As above, i'd stay with a manual scope rather then having to mess about with electronics. The Heritage 130P is a fantastic scope. Well capable of showing you planets etc. It takes up next to no space,so is idea for camping trips. Set up takes as long as it takes to open the box and extending the tube,inserting an eyepiece.

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    • By Bigdaddyjeff
      Please find for sale my SkyWatcher 250 Reflector and NEQ6 SynScan mount. 
      The reflector has of course been used and shows sign of use on the outside of the tube but the mirrors show little sign of wear or tear apart from a few dust specks. As you can see from the photos the Scope is in very good condition and all viewings are welcome.
      The NEQ6 mount powers up but refuses to move. This may be just an update to the handset or maybe the gears need a touch of TLC due to itself being sat doing nothing for so long. The tripod is missing the locking pin that pulls the plate up against the legs but this will be reflected in the price. 
      i would like to offer this to the SGL community as I know it will go to someone who will appreciate the kit and do so much more with it than I’ve been able to. 
      Given the fact I haven’t used this kit for a few years now and I’m also moving house, I know longer have the time or room for it so this is the only reason for sale. 

      *** Update 26/1/2020
      I have purchased a new support shaft for the tripod and I have also got the NEQ6 moving so the motors seem to be absolutely fine, please see latest video attached of the NEQ6 powered up and moving. 
      Skywatcher 250 - £200 
      NEQ6 - £450 
      Collection only from Walsall/West Midlands 
      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them. 
      Wishing you all clear skies wherever you are
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          Looking for a 12" DOB (or larger) which can be transported to Prestwick, Ayrshire. Any brand, as long as the telescope is optically sound and in good working order. I'm a reliable buyer who has bought and sold on this site before.
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      Hi all,
      I'm pretty new to astronomy and need help deciding if I should buy the following telescope or not, mainly if there is anything visibly missing by looking at the photos?
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      Hello, i am new to this forum, i made my account here because i need help.
      So few weeks ago i ordered a USB to Serial cable to be able to Control my Telescope with my computer using stellarium.
      It arrived today.
      So i made my Star Alignment, then i plugged the cable to my Telescope and Computer, i installed the Cable driver and ASCOM Platform + ASCOM Celestron Driver.
      I started DriverConnect.exe and put the Celestron Driver i downloaded, and did the properties informations ( had to tick on "Advanced Setup" and "Show All COM Ports" ) and i put "COM8" on "COM Port", then i pressed "OK" and then "Connect"
      Create              Creating device
      Connected           Connecting to device
      Error               System.Exception: Connect to COM1 failed, no Celestron scope detected
         to System.Dynamic.ComRuntimeHelpers.CheckThrowException(Int32 hresult, ExcepInfo& excepInfo, UInt32 argErr, String message)
         to CallSite.Target(Closure , CallSite , ComObject , Boolean )
         to ASCOM.DriverConnect.ConnectForm.btnConnect_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\ASCOM Build\Export\ASCOM.DriverConnect\ConnectForm.cs:line 268
      Dispose             Disposing of device
      ReleaseComObject    Releasing COM instance
      ReleaseComObject    Completed release. Count: 0
      GC Collect          Starting garbage collection
      GC Collect          Completed garbage collection
      "Connect to COM1 failed, no Celestron scope detected"

      In Stellarium i set-up everything, the plug-in and restarted the app, then added my telescope  and i says it's "connected" but i can't find my telescope.
      Celestron NexStar 127SLT
      The Cable i bought:
      PC Specs:
      Windows 10 Pro, GTX 970, 8GB Ram(DDR4), i7 6700 3.4Ghz
      Looking forward for your help, thanks in advance,
      Hello everyone, happy Tuesday.
      First time stargazer here, I'm hoping I can get some awesome feedback from you guys. 
      my fiancé and I are planning on taking a trip to Great Basin National Park from October 25th-30th, we're trying to catch the new moon, we want to do some deep sky viewing but we're having such a hard time on knowing which kind of telescope to purchase. we do have a few must- haves on our purchase, but I wanted to see what you guys recommend and what your experiences have been.
      we need a telescope that is portable
      good for deep sky viewing
      reflector vs. refractor
      and almost, but not necessarily, easy to use (we have time to learn the ins and outs of it)
      I apologize if its a lot, but trying to understand the jargon, as of now, is giving me a hard time
      Cant wait for any responses!!
      p.s. anyone ever been to Great Basin? what should we expect on our trip? its our first time going and first time doing any serious camping!!!
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