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Deep sky imaging showcase 2016

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Dunno, one could argue that the Ha emits red, so it should be red. Otoh, it will probably also emit some Hb, which is blue. That would pull the colour towards magenta. Your Rosetta and Veil have a more traditional look. I would leave it the way it is, even if it isn't the way it "should be". I like it.

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All taken with the Atik 383L+ Gamma Cygni and Beyond: 16 panel mosaic, 56 hours (Star 71)   Pelican Ultra: 200pds   Dusty M45: Star 71   Belt to Sword

Tarantula Nebula ( NGC 2070 ) - Orion Optics CT12, Nikon D5300 unmodified   The Great Orion Nebula ( Messier 42 ) - Skywatcher Quattro 10", Nikon D5300 unmodified   The

An unusual look and feel to this one. Sh2 126, 2 panel HaLRGB, twin Takashashi FSQ106/fill frame CCD, Mesu 200. The 'Breaking Wave' extension around Gamma Cass, down to the Pacman. 3 panel,

Posted Images

These are probably my best efforts from 2016.


M42 & Running Man (~1 hour with an ED120 and modded 100D_.


A wide shot of the Milky Way taken with my Samyang 14mm lens.


Heart, Soul & Double Cluster with an old Super-Takumar 135mm f3.5 lens (38 minutes, modded 1100D).


Cygnus in Ha (35mm lens at f2.4, modded 1100D ~45 minutes).


Orion in Ha (50mm lens at f4, modded 1100D, ~1 hour).

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Here is my astrophotography journey through 2016:

It started with a first light image for my William Optics Star 71. Thankfully I seemed to have received one of the good ones!


Then it was Galaxy Season and I opted for a pic of M82 with my C8, going for the Ha jets.


Back to the WO Star 71 and a widefield shot of The Jellyfish Nebula.


And then back to the C8 for another galaxy - M101.


What happened next was a huge step forwards in my astro journey... I treated myself to a Pulsar Dome, which was installed in July. I thought that I would take full advantage of the mount's new home and go for a widefield four pane mosaic of The Veil Nebula with the WO Star 71.


The final image of the year is another widefield with the WO Star 71 of The Lobster Claw Nebula and its neighbours.


There are several other images gathered in the last couple of months of the year, but they were processed in 2017, so will feature in next year's collection!

Have a great year everyone and above all, Clear Skies!

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Well, some extraordinary images are presented here.

2016 was the most successful year in my astrophotographer career, which started in 2014. To choose a top five is not easy:

Outters 4
26 hrs. bicolor project, Takahashi FSQ85, cooperation with Frank Iwaszkiewicz, 10" F4 Newtonian



LDN 1251
11 hrs. LRGB, Takahashi FSQ85


Barnard 150
11 hrs. LRGB, 10" F4 Newtonian


LRGB, 10" F4 Newtonian


NGC 3718
LRGB, 10" F4 Newtonian



These are my top 5 images I would say. More on my homepage http://www.spaceimages.de


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Frustrated by day light and hyparactive after sundown.:help:


IC 1805- Takahashy FS- 60CB + Atik 383L HARGB - 7 hrs      5a6f599326e89_NBRGB1805.jpg.5799997b267228d717e30e536ad5ed29.jpg


Barnards  E - Takahashy FS- 60CB + Canon 600Da - 2 hrs


M45 - Takahashy FS- 60CB + Canon 600Da 2 hrs


M45 -  EOS 600 Da  + Canon 50 mm lens  2 hrs


Heart & Soul - Atik 383L + SMC Takumar 135 mm HARGB 4 hrs


Clear Skies


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