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A common shot


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Great Pic,

I had my first attempt on the 5th of this month and was thinking of showing mine. Changed my mind after seeing yours though..

Have had a few attempts since but the fuller it gets the less detail I seem to be able to get.


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4 hours ago, mattd85 said:

Hi all,


Just thought i'd share my first moon shot using the etx90 and my 6D - I've had similar results using a telephoto.


32230476676_f389a2b8f9_b.jpgThe Moon by Matthew Doogue, on Flickr

Hi Matt and welcome to SGL. :hello2: Nice photo.

Is that using the 'original' ETX90 or the 'newer' ETX90? :evil6:

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22 hours ago, mattd85 said:

Thanks - @Grunter please don't be put off, let's see the pic :) 

Ok, here it is then..as it came from the camera.   I should point out that I didn't really know what I was doing and just playing around with settings to see how it affected the image. This is not my favourite of the session, but it is probably technically the best one.  

It was taken 5th Jan, f/5.6 iso400 ex1/3 sec.  Which I now know is not where things should have been set but I was happy with what I got at the time.  Of course now I have seen your image I am going to have to raise my own bar.





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Thanks, Im reminding myself - its not where you start, its where you end up..

I have been given a tripod since that image was taken and i thought it would improve things, but it doesnt seem to settle even when using delay timer.   I suppose the wind we have had lately could be an issue but I seemed to get better results just resting on a wall.


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