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Walking on the Moon

Hello All


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Hello All

I have always found a lot of information from this forum,and thought it was time to part of this wonderful site.

my basic kit for my home Observatory: Skywatcher Pro 120ed Refractor,HEQ5 mount,CNCscope Guide Camera,Orion guide scope.

I use BYN (backyard EOS Nikon) as my main UI, PHD2,Astrotortilla and Nebulosity and Startools for basic processing and photoshop for final images

My imager is a Nikon d5100 (full spectrum).I attempted a Peltier project over the xmas holiday,because of the LCD display the solution is not elegant,worked (managed -22 celcius delta)but the designs were to clumsy.

I'll be buying a Dedicated CMOS astro cam by mid February(Wife has approved the budget)  and i'll use the Nikon in my travel kit.



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