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Walking on the Moon



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Would this ota be suitable for my Skywatcher AZ  Synscan mount, replacing my stock 130p ota? 

I'm thinking probably just used for some casual observations & basic astrophotography, probably imaging brightest of the dso"s & planets using short subs (& darks) with a Canon 450d, then stacked in Registax. 



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Yup, it can be done, but AZ mount is not the best way to do AP. Reason is Field rotation that comes with AZ mounts. They say that if you keep it rich field and short exposure you will be fine for some time. 130pds might be the best starting scope for AP so that is good. You will need coma corrector tho..... You will need EQ5/HEQ5 later.

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Personally stick with what you have for visual. Then for imaging use your dslr and a camera lens on your mount.  You do not need a telescope to image DSO and the advantage is the camera and lens is much lighter better for mount. You still learn all the processing steps.

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I have seen videos on YouTube of people using my 130p Az goto set up, they use 10 - 30 subs at short 5 second to 15 second exexposures on brighter dso's & stacking them and gainng some decent results. 

I appreciate all.the feedback as always.

So I've opted to give the PDS serious consideration at £170 but will try harder with my current scope & mount for now but also try the lens only option & see how I fair. 

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