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Its good to be doing Venus again even with less than ideal filter system

I tried as much as I could to bring out any subtle detail that is there. The bright patch is real, as its showing on all the captures. Seeing was awful so that's not helped either. Also I think the IR block filter i am using is blocking some UV not just IR

If i can get a BG 39  to go with the W47 I think a lot more detail will come out. 

W47+Altair IR block 245mm Orion ASI 290MM 

venus jan 2nd.png


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Cheers Angie and Pete.

Its not what I want though.  Better data will come in time. Just been thinking about winjupos. if you take a UV image and put it on winjupos with the colour ticked as blue as per the screenshot. Do the same with the IR image colour ticked as red. Not only will say a 10 minute a piece capture, total time twenty minuets, for IR too. Be de rotated to remove rotation blur over that period. But if the Blue (UV) and Red (IR) are then put on de rotation of RGB frames. Winjupos will then create a synthetic green from the UV IR data and produce a colour image. I can not test this yet, as I do not have the old UV data taken years ago. But it will work, I am sure. Hope this info is useful to anyone.

v screen.png

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39 minutes ago, Space Cowboy said:

Nice image Neil. That winjupos concoction will be very interesting to see :happy7:

It seems a great way to do it. Years ago I did it on analyzer. But I think winjupos will be better as you get more control over adjustments. Plus de rotation of course

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6 hours ago, neil phillips said:

Cheers Simon you ever think about trying Venus 

Imaged it once Neil, but not as good a result as yours, found the processing quite difficult, but should really give it another go soon!

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