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Keeping warm

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Hi guys 

After my first post today , I was taken back with the help and advice I received .     Thanks again.

It made me want to share something back to you all that may just make you more comfortable on these cold evenings and mornings.

  I go fishing and camping in the lake District and Scotland mainly in the winter. Often for 4 or 5 days at a time.  I think astronomy will compliment my hobbies perfectly.

   Most of you are probably aware of these tips but maybe someone out there may benefit??

I won't bore you with clothing and layering as this is common knowledge however disposable handwarmers stashed in inside pockets are very good.

 Zippo handwarmers can be had for bargain money. These are very effective and very cheap to run.  (Cheaper versions also available)

The best tip I have is a small gas camping stove , small pan and hot water bottle. This combination with one portion of water that can be reheated over and over again is my absolute must for staying absolutely toasty warm.  We share the hot water bottle passing it round to put inside our costs or even on top of our boots if feet get to cold.

The other good thing about carrying these items is fresh tea, hot chocolate and soup (always nicest fresh) 

 Hope this helps sombody out there!

   Thanks again everyone

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I have the Trangia Stove that burns mentholated spirit and a portable gas stove. The Charcoal  pocket warmers were my favoured pocket warmer, I think mine was a Beasley?, not yet  having tried the Zippo. but  do own their windproof lighter.
Another portable hand-warmer are the Gelert ( other brands too) Hot Gel warmers, you 'bend/snap/click' the small internal disk and a  chemical reaction causes the contents to heat up to  55°C in a matter of seconds ( so says my instructions) Once used, their re-constituted by warming in hot water, the gas stove or Trangia kettle helps here!

And your not wrong, a hot brew fixes many things when your out in the cold!


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