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Binocular Monopod in a minute


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Inspired by Steve Tonkin, http://binocularsky.com

I put together a monopole for quick reaction viewing with my 15x70 Skymaster binoculars. I did have a standard camera mount which I adapted.

1. get a wooden batten approximately eye height in length. (Ideally this should be high enough to allow you to look directly up with your attached binoculars - you can incline the pole to view nearer the horizon)

2. Drill a hole near one end.

3. Insert a bolt and secure with a nut.

4. Attach your tripod via bolt through the carrying handle. (alternatively you can attach it with a cable tie)

It provides a remarkably steady mount for scanning the sky. :smiley:







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Hi Sonny. It's not too difficult. The pole raises a pair of binoculars on a small tripod to zenith-viewing height. The tripod in the pictures has an adjustable central column, which you lower to aim at objects lower in the sky. For a tripod without a handle you need to come up with a different way to attach it to your pole. HTH.


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Hi Sonny,

as Ruud helpfully replied, it's based on the monopod that Steve Tonkin advocates in his brilliant web site. http://binocularsky.com/

A monopod allows you to stand, scan the full range of alt/azimuth sky easily without the arm fatigue that large binoculars cause.  Yes I could just sit with the tripod extended but you end up shuffling the chair around the tripod legs.

This Is quick, cheap relatively steady and lets you decide if you want to shell out for a commercial monopod.  :icon_biggrin:


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