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specialised astronomy note books?


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I've seen available in the US, "astronomy notebooks", with circles and grids printed, ready to be filled with observations  and wondered if such a thing exists here?


Over the years i've been printing out mini star charts, with additional empty circles and grided spaces, for making notes, but i'd defiantly prefer a similar notebook  with thinner paper (and far less expensive ink lol)


Searching google didnt reveal much, any suggestions?


Also i dont want to pay 15-20£ for a note book, thats jut insane (US version is $14.99!)

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This book looks quite good, £10.49 on Amazon. 

"The Amateur Astronomer's Notebook: A Journal for Recording and Sketching Astronomical Observations"

or even "The Observational Astronomy Skywatcher Notebook: Record 50 Detailed Observations Of The Night Sky" £4.97 Amazon

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