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Hi from Bristol UK


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Hi Welcome to the forum.  Plenty here for you to get your teeth into ! 

You may want to go along to the Bristol Astronomical Society Viewing sessions, a good chance to look through lots of scopes etc. 


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Hi Maxstrom and welcome to the forum. Astrophotography or the 'darkside' as it is often referred to here is very popular on this forum, so you have certainly come to the right place if you are wanting to improve your skills in that area of interest. Just pop a question under the relevant heading in the imaging section when the need arises and the required help will be along soon enough. If you fancy some reading material, may I suggest you get hold of a copy of Steve Richards', "Making Every Photon Count" which will advise you what equipment yields the best results for any given object that you might wish to image. Modestly priced, it will certainly help you save money by helping you avoid buying the wrong kit as imaging places different demands on scopes/mounts compared with observing. We don't want your first image of a black hole being the one in your wallet! :biggrin:

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay here. 

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22 hours ago, Marci said:

Tip 1: Be more precise about your equipment...! Celestron Nexstar covers any of these scopes and more, from 60mm upwards. All it really tells us is you have a GoTo mount. 

Welcome to SGL!!

Well I was being as precise as I thought I could be, the only graphic on the telescope simply says 'Celestron Nextstar". On further inspection, there is a plate on the eyepiece receiver that says it's a #31132. I'm assuming it's a 130, I don't know what flavour 130 it is, but I'm afraid that's as precise as it gets...

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That would be a Celestron Nexstar 130GT. Nice little 5” newtonian reflector really!

Focal Length: 650mm 
Focal Ratio: f/5
Supplied Eyepieces: 10mm SMA (65x) & 25mm SMA (26x) 
Maximum Magnification: 260x 
Maximum Field of View: 2.7° 
Magnitude Limit: 12.3 
Resolution Limit: 1.1 arcsecond 
Finder: 1x power red-dot 
Objects in HC Database: 4,033 

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