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Hello from Manchester!


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Hi! My name is Mat and I'm starting to tinker with astrophotography - which is probably not the best hobby to take up in Manchester!

I've got a Star Adventurer camera mount, and a NEX 5 camera. Here's my first couple of attempts, admittedly rather over-processed. Both stacked from many 30-second exposures:


I've got a problem with my latest attempt though, it's about 200 exposures (over 2 hours) of the Andromeda galaxy, stacked with DeepSkyStacker:


-I've tweaked it to show the problem, which appears as strange stripes in the light polluted background - which makes it hard to remove. Does anyone know what's going on? Maybe a result of very slight cloud/haze?

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards




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Hi and welcome to SGL Mat - A good starting point for imaging is a book called 'Making Every Photon Count' available from the book section of the FLO website. It is really something of an imagers bible and will really help you with your imaging. As for the lines, I'm not sure what they are. But for starters I'd be checking every individual exposure to see whether there are any rogue subs in there that could have caused this.

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Hi Mat and welcome to the forum. Astrophotography is very popular on this forum so you won't run short of any help here. To that end you might want to post a question regarding your images over on the imaging sections here if you need any further advice.

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay here. 

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