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Deep Sky stacker problem


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First off Happy New Year to one and all!

Just had an interesting problem - used DSS to stack 2 sets of lights, one at 90seconds the other at 5 minutes. I did them in Group 1 and Group 2 with respective darks, and put the bias and flat in main group. This is the result - reminds me of the odd images I got before the Canon RAW file compatibilty was sorted.

Anyone got any ideas?


16b wierd.jpg

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Have you confirmed that it detects only stars and not noise? Also, you probably have double checked already, but have you checked that you have added the frames to the right channels (so you haven't added bias frames to light for example)?

Do they stack fine if you only stack one group?

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sorry slow response - too many threads going on!

They stack OK individually - but I thnk that was the root of the problem. I stacked both sets individually before doing them together and I think that when doing them together it didnt know which set of info files to use.

I deleted all the info.txt files and then did both groups from scratch and all OK. 

That said the overall image quality seemed to deteriorat so I tried a differenrt approach which I'll post separately - bit of an epic!

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