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Help with Nikon D3200 please!

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I was about to pull the trigger on buying Backyard Nikon, when I realized that the software doesn't support bulb mode! Apparently Nikon has not released the software development kit (SDK) for the D3x00 models, so the software developers I've found simply don't have the tools to create software that can control some functions of the D3200 (grrrrr! Makes me mad too!). In my case,  bulb mode is pretty much the function I use more than anything else on the camera. In fact, as I tried to find out if backyard Nikon supports my d3200, I was thinking to myself, "please, please, PLEASE let it support bulb mode! Please, if it can't control anything else, that's fine, just PLEASE LET BACKYARD NIKON SUPPORT BULB MODE!" Alas, I had no such luck. This was pretty disappointing to me, as I was really hoping to be able to control my camera from my computer rather than with an infrared remote.

This is particularly important to me, because the camera won't be able to "see" the remote through the cooling box I'm building, unless I modify the box. Also, I won't be able to see the settings/images on the camera unless I modify the box further. Both these modifications involve cutting holes in the box's insulation, and installing transparent plastic windows (one so I can see the subframes and another so the camera's IR sensor can see the controller). I can definitely do this, and I expect my big peltier cooler is capable of removing any excess heat that may leak in through the windows. However, I'd rather there be no windows at all, instead having just a small sealed hole through which I can run a tether (far less heat is gonna get in through a plugged hole).

Now that you (hopefully) understand my dilemma, my question is whether you know of any software that I can use to control a D3200 from either a Windows machine or a Mac. I understand there's no SDK available for software designers to build something to control bulb mode from the computer, but maybe some genius has written such a code without the SDK :D? Maybe there is software out there that supports a D3200's bulb mode that I just haven't heard of? 

Any information helps! And I'll be controlling my D3200 via a USB-2 tether if that helps. Thanks a lot!

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I was going to suggest Digicamcontrol.com but I see that the same is true there, no bulb for the D3XXX cameras :(  They do have a forum so it may be worth a review to see how their 'Astronomy module' copes with long exposures..

Personally i use an intervalometer and a Bahtinov mask for focusing, which would get you past the issue of signal transmission into your cool box.  

Good luck 


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