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Roll off for my Mak Cas


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I thought I would share this design.   I needed a house for the 6 inch Mak Cas on a pier.  I wanted it bug proof and I wanted a sitting area near the scope that I could warm.  Some wind block would be nice.  After reviewing a lot of roll off roof designs I went with a roll off building instead. It rolls to the west, where trees would otherwise block the sky.  I am clear to the south, and the house blocks a bit to the north.  The 5 by 10 building was built to roll on 6 casters on top of square steel tracks. There is a 3 by 5 warm room in the back. The floor is steel for rigidity, while the building is normal 2x construction with hardie exterior to match the house.  Its a bit heavy to push by hand, so we added a bicycle crank set to move it along. The bicycle frame is inside, with a very narrow slot in the floor for the chain.  I have yet to install the electrical as winter came and slowed down construction.  So far, no rodents, wasps, bats or other guests have been able to move in. Enjoy.Digging pier hole.JPGPier ready to pour.JPGpier revealed.JPGSteel frame floor.JPGBuilding framed.JPGbuilding, track and scope.JPGcaster wheel on track with sprocket ring.JPGsiding on.JPGBuilding complete.JPGmotive power.JPGwarm room desk.JPGBuilding stowed, floor open.JPGbuidling stowed, floor closed.JPGmallincam on back of Intes Alter 6 inch Mak.JPG

pouring the pier.jpg

warm room door.JPG

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