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Cone Nebula


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Hi everyone

Last night I decided to try a few things out for the first time. The main thing was dithering.
This is the result.

12 x 600s Lights @ISO800 , 40 x Bias, 15 x Flats using a Modified Canon 600D
I actually processed this without any darks as I found I was getting strange banding and noise when using them (something I have not had an issue with until I started dithering).

Stacking in DSS and Processed in PS

Cone Nebula.jpg

As a side note, if anyone can suggest the best settings for dealing with colour correction I would really appreciate it.
As present I have set a custom white balance and also attempted to get DSS to process it for me however the image comes either washed out or very red.
Being colour blind (Red,Green and Brown) I am having a hard time getting the colours correct

Thanks in advance

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1 hour ago, dyfiastro said:

best settings for dealing with colour correction

Hi. I find colour the most difficult bit of processing. If you're having problems seeing the colours, maybe an automatic balance by using a white reference such as a star would help. Here's StarTools' effort:


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