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First imaging since "Giving Up"

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... I had decided to give up the hobby and recently sold all of my equipment, with the exception of an Equinox 66 with a dodgy focuser. 

When the bug bit again I added a secondhand EQ5 Synscan and a dslr, and had an evening of no frills unguided imaging on Wednesday.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed that session more than I had in a long time, even though the results are somewhat poor!  


Andromeda v2 45s iso1600 16bit.jpg



M81-M82 Crop-16bit (2).jpg

M42-2.1 ISO400 30s 16bit.jpg

Edited by Barry
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1 hour ago, Barry said:

even though the results are somewhat poor!

There's only one thing I can say to that statement.....LOL! :D

Those photos are really good. Especially the one of M31.

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Nice results. It's easy to get lost in all the technology in AP. Sometimes we need to go back to basics. Or: KISS, keep it simple, stupid. I hope you keep at it and enjoy it.

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Getting bogged down in complexity is a good way to loose your interest. Sometimes the best thing you can do is get back to basics and just enjoy it. As said above, many people would be very happy to have created the images you have posted above, they may not be perfect in your eyes but the image is not the reward so much as enjoying the process.


Welcome back!

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Thank you all for your kind comments. I am pleased with the images but also aware of the exceptional images that many post regularly on this forum. I absolutely agree that the most important thing is to enjoy it as a hobby.

I must acknowledge Doug German's YouTube videos, which helped me to draw reluctant data from the images!


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Welcome back to the fold :) A great starter... well done :) 

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