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Walking on the Moon

Uranus and Pisces


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Hi. I have a good but small window of observing from my balcony. It's centred between south and south west and I can't observe things high in the sky. Last night I saw Venus at 4.30 then Mars when it got dark. I managed M77 in Cetus as the faintest of faint things  at about 8 o'clock and then on to orion after 9 then I literally turned left at orion to see the beautiful Beta Monoceotis for the first time. It was the longest and best evening of stargazing I've ever had.

My problem is from about half past five to 8 o'clock I'm stuck with Pisces. I only get a shadow of an idea that I might be seeing any of its stars with my naked eye. I spent over an hour (quite contentedly) looking for Uranus. Sometimes I thought I was close according to stellarium but I was probably miles out.So I would like to ask if it's possible to even see Uranus in a 70mm f10 scope. I assume it's bright enough but would I recognise it? Also are there any tips for following the line of stars in Pisces or anything special to hunt for? Should I just put a good film on and wait for Cetus?

Any Pisces knowledge would be gratefully received (turn left at orion doesn't mention it and stellarium is silent as ever) 

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Yes, you should be able to pick out Uranus with a good EP. Here's a couple of images showing Uranus tonight at 6:30pm UK time for a 70mm refractor with a 10mm EP. You should get the double star zeta Piscuim at 5.2 magnitude and Uranus 5.8 magnitude in the same fov. I've reversed the image in the lower image to represent the image in the EP as would be close to what you should see in your scope too.




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