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Walking on the Moon

a wow moment


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ive just finished work at 11:45. my backs aching, my legs are aching, and im back tomorrow at 9. but as i get out of the car i make the mistake of looking up and saw one of the most beautiful clear skies i think i may have ever seen :D even though i know i need to head to bed really soon i couldnt help rush inside and grab my binos for a quick tour. if i was off work im sure i would have had a great night tonight, and if i had my scope. (pretty please ship my scope soon FLO XD)

any of you enjoy a full session tonight?

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When I parked on my driveway tonight, I noticed  the streetlight at the back of my garden had failed,  so gave out a Yippee as I walked towards the front door,  only to find when looking through the kitchen door, the light was back on :confused5:
So my night was scuppered! But my  8x40s  are always at hand for quick views, and the scope is always assembled but at near 22°C it needs some cooling.

Hopefully this weekend with the scope, if it doesn't snow!

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i know those pains. i live in the 3rd house in a terrace house and at the end we have a street light so my northern view is ruined except if i stand in a 1 foot gap provided by a telegraph pole :lol:. can't wait for the few weeks it dies

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