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Walking on the Moon


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The bottom pic has Venus and Mars in, and likely Neptune too. If you had photographed a bit to the left you would have lost some of the milky way but got a pic of Venus, Mars, Neptune and Uranus all in a line :)

It's hard to say about the meteors (meteorites make it to the ground), there are so many objects orbiting that satellites can have the same look about them. So maybe meteors, maybe not.....

Nice pics by the way, I envy your skies :)


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Most commonly (i.e. not always) images of meteor trails to be faint at one end, then getting brighter before a rapid drop off of brightness at the end.  On this basis, the two lines in the middle of the top image seem to fit the profile.

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Lens was a Tokina 11-18 mm on a nikon D7200 on a star adventurer, the plan was to have a play with various settings and ISO, this particular one was ISO 1000, shutter speed 27 secs , F2.8. I only had my one click remote not my invalometer,  I also used the half speed setting on the SA to try and keep the landscape sharp

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