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Horsehead & Flame - New Year fireworks edition


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While waiting for new fresh data I re-processed some data from last December on the Horsehead and Flame. It is my RGB data supplemented by Ha data (around the horse head) that Francois Theriault supplied me with (thank you Francois!). I know I need more data to get more details out, particularly on the flame.

My RGB data was collected by an ES 127ED apo refractor with a TS 0.79 reducer giving at FL 750mm and a Canon 60Da (10 x 300" at ISO 1600).
Francois' data was collected by an Antares 200mm Newtonean (FL 1000 mm) and a SBIG ST8300M (Baader Ha filter, 11 x 300").

I may have been inspired by the upcoming New Year since it ended up quite fiery - maybe a bit too much so.

Comments most welcome!


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8 hours ago, resonator77 said:

Excellent image!


8 hours ago, simmo39 said:

V nice.


8 hours ago, Ruud said:

Thanks for sharing Göran. It's a beautiful image.

Wonderful colours!


7 hours ago, StargeezerTim said:

Looks like someone napalmed the horse.:eek: 

Happy New Year :icon_santa:

Thank you all!

Tim, I think the horse may be surrounded by things even hotter than napalm

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