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have stellarium set up with computer connected to hand held controller. I did a dummy two star alignment and was able to move my celestron nexstar 6 se with ctrl 1 and alt 1.

I also am able to select sky items on the computer then click the slew button , then it begins to move but gets tugged back to the  original position. I'm thrilled that I got this far

but now I need to find out where my disconnect is. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you try doing an alignment using the handset, then choose a couple of test objects using the handset to see if the scope works on its own.

this will rule out a number of causes.

disconnect the computer from the handset before this test.

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Whether I'm doing this correctly or not, this works for me:

Use handset to perform Alignment Process be it 2 Star or a Polar Align. 

Once that is completed, then I connect to computer and use either Stellarium or SkyTools. 

I'm not sure if you are trying to use Stellarium during your alignment process. But if you are I'd keep them separate. 

However, if I have misunderstood, I'm as clueless as you. Sorry...

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      I currently use a Virtuoso Skywatcher without the Synscan hand controller for a project.
      I'm communicating from the computer to the mount directly with a serial connection.
      The problem is, I accidentally entenred the bootloader mode of the mount, and now it doesn't work anymore. (Can't even control it manually)
      I'm guessing I have to update the motor controller firmware but I don't know if I can without the SynScan controller and I don't know if I the Skywatcher Allview firmware is suitable.
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      Hi all,
      As mentioned previously I'm the extremely proud new owner of this 'scope, and i cant believe what a difference it has made over my previous 'scope.  The bands on Jupiter are crystal, even in my light polluted garden, and with poor seeing.  Its amazing!
      Anyway to my question.  I'm looking to get a few bits to make my enjoyment of this scope even better, and was wondering if anyone could help or add to my list:
      Dew Shield
      Power Supply.  With this i am torn between the standard Celestron/Skywatcher tank, which i think should work out of the box, or spend a bit more on the Tracer Lithium Power pack, which i am unsure about if they have all the leads required.  Any advice here would be fantastic.
      Some lens cleaner (see previous post).  I'm also tempted to get the various bits to attach my Cannon DLSR to, just to see what i am capable of.
      I bought it with the Celestron 1.25'' lens kit, so i have some ok EPs and filters to start with.
      Anything else i am missing, or should definitely add?
      Thanks in advance
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