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Capella and Orion 50mm, tripod shots. Tips please!

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Had a house full last night so avoid completely neglecting them I tried some shooting with my 1200D and 50mm 1.8 lens on a static tripod. I would be happy for any tips on how to improve on my results and advice on settings etc, especially as I am going to Australia soon and won't have any mounts or scopes with me.

The first one was the milky way around Capella. It was 102 x 10sec subs with 30 darks and 26 bias. DSS and PS. iso 3200 and F4. I got some trailing so decided to reduce the time and up the iso for the next one. Here is the Capella image:-

Capella 1.png

I then moved to Orion and took 204 X 7sec subs with 50 darks and 40 bias. F 4.5 and iso 6400. DSS and PS. (DSS took over an hour to stack these!) There is less trailing but still quite a bit of coma. This surprised me as when I  track and take 5 min subs it is pin sharp to the edges. I got a bit of nebulosity near M78 but hardly any of the rest of Barnards Loop. Perhaps it is too much to expect too much with 7 second subs! Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome. Here is the Orion image:-

Orion final.png


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