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Christmas Special: Belt to Sword of Orion (now in colour)


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Ive had this data sitting around for a while but only just recently got to process it. Well its been a long time coming this one, started last year with the Ha - topped it up this year and added OIII. It didnt need much, just couple of hours per panel being as outside M42 and the flame there would be little other OIII worth grabbing.

Even though its a narrowband image, I've managed to get some of the running man in there - not at obvious as it would be in LRGB, but its there :)

Tomorrow is looking clear so im looking forward to a bit of widefield with the 135mm f2 (going after Simeis 147).


Thanks for looking! :)




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9 hours ago, gorann said:

Yes, truly stunning!

What gear did you use and how many panels and hours?

Thanks :) image details are as follows:

Star71, 383L+

Ha 8hr x3 panels (900s subs), OIII 2hr x 3 panels (600s subs). Total = 28 hours

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14 hours ago, ollypenrice said:

Got to like that. For me the high colour saturation of the Running Man is a slight distraction but this is great stuff.


Thanks Olly. Oddly enough, the running man "ran off" to that sort of saturation quite early on in the process - when increasing saturation for the rest of the image I had to exclude it on nearly every occasion. Perhaps I can dial it back a little - and and Patrick suggested, get some yellow back into the flame.

I'll take another look at the data and see if I can balance it a little more.

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