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Finder bracket for the 130EQ

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Hi all, I am fairly new to Astronomy and I have a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ (MD edition).

I am thinking of buying the Black 9x50 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder, to replace the red dot finder that came with the original scope.

I know the default bracket currently holding the red dot finder on the 130EQ is non-standard and I would prefer to avoid drilling holes into the tube to fit the new finder, and from what I've read the above finders are too heavy to use glue/sticky pads.

Can anyone recommend a standard bracket that would fit the 130EQ, which would then allow me to fit the above finder or any other decent finder to the 130EQ?



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It does unscrew but I think it's quite wide compared to the standard bracket used by normal finderscopes.

I'll probably have to resort to removing the mirrors and drilling some holes but wanted to check here first in case someone had already solved the issue using more conventional methods :)

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I've had to drill holes in most of my 'scopes for use on an AZ4 mount (the telescopes are placed with the mounting plate in a vertical position instead of horizontal, which places the finderscope under the main telescope) and there really isn't anything to worry about if you are a bit of a DIYer. Just make sure you use a drill bit meant for metal, and make sure it's the same size as the bolts you get with the mounting shoe. I've found self-centring drill bits useful, if only for making a pilot hole before changing to the proper bit.

For my latest acquisition (the Opticstar ARC-102S), I couldn't get the back end off to replace the mounting bracket (the finderscope that comes with it is rubbish) so had to make an adaptor out of wood to fit the normal mounting shoe to the 'scope. Once it's painted, it will look pretty neat :)

I hope....


PS, I can't see the mounting bracket on your scope in the shop photo's, any chance that you can take a pic and post it on here?

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Sure, I have removed the red dot finder and placed it next to the bracket so you can see the bracket more clearly.

To refit the finder, you slide it towards the tape measure and lock in place with two screws (hole's are at the rear of the finder, as seen from this photo).



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