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My first image of Jupiter this season.
All attempts with the Luminance filter to get a color photo were a failure due to poor seeing and still low planet.
I was forced to content myself with this capture in the infrared so as not to lose the night.
Transit from Io, the arrow indicates the position of the satellite on Jupiter.

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Unfortunately the time here is very bad, too hot, high humidity and much turbulence, this detonates any image, almost 10,000 frames only I could take advantage of 2,000 which is too little for an image to be well defined. In short, we do what we can within the limits we have. Good equipment I have, nature lacks a helping hand giving me a good seeing at such time.
Yes expensive Dan, for high resolution photography 48 ° is low, even more without use of an ADC. The ideal for good quality photos would be above 65º but this is a privilege for a few.

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Yes pete, taking into account the poor seeing conditions, there are lots to see. The NTB is well defined. The NTrZ is very disturbed because there was an outbreak last October. The two equatorial belts look quiet. One white oval is visible in the SSTB.

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