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Oberwerk Ultra Vs. Helios Apollo


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I've been interested in testing the Oberwerk 15x70 binoculars, and recently purchased some Helios Apollo 15x70, but due to a minor issue that affected the left eyepiece, It was decided and agreed upon to return them, for a replacement, as I was not able to correct the issue myself  (these optics are sealed!)  however with limited  stocking  levels I was afforded a full refund, so never really got to experience the Apollo's, especially from my new site, whereby even the Revelations have even shown some improvement, such is the  contrast  difference between street lights, and NO lights! at the new site?

My very first go at hand holding the Apollos appeared to show some improvement in a side-by-side test over  my present 15x70s whilst viewing M31, but with less than perfect conditions,  was this just my want and imagination or is/was there really a difference, with the better quality optics? 

I would like to try again and wonder, would you consider the Apollo and the Oberwerk to be of similar build and  optical quality.


Edit: Having just read  @BinocularSky post dated Sept 2014, which includes the Orion Resolux,  I think I  may have  already sourced my answer as  to which one, the cheapest, if they all work the same, But I like the Oberwerk name!

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