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First AP session for almost four weeks.

Pompey Monkey

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Clear skies:  Yes, check.

Work tomorrow: No, check.

Obsy roll-off OK: Yes, check.

Obsy PC on: Yes: check.

Lens caps off: Yes. check.

Dew heaters on: Yes, check.

Power to the mount on: Yes, check.

Big pile of cloud coming from the North: yes, check.

[removed word]! check.



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is'nt that sods law, its such a frustrating waiting game. maybe we should start setting things up whilst it cloudy pretending that we want to photograph the clouds. then the clouds would go and leave us clear skies. a little reverse psychology :hello2:

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Yes.  I managed a cosy little 50 minutes before it ?X*££* 'went off''.  I've spent 4 nights so far on my latest target, for a grand total of 2 hours data (and some of that probably needs to be rejected).  

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Aint that the truth though........

I've got a bucketful of fairly useless part sets on a load of objects now, just arent getting enough clear hours together or on consecutive nights to make a finished image. And as you say, even what does get pulled in isnt great quality, blobby stars through milky skies :/

Oh well.........it has to clear at some point.............doesn't it?

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