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Quick session with my 5 year old!


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I bought my 10" Dob just over a year ago with the hope that I might interest my daughter (then nearly 5 years old) in the wonders of the universe. Well, apart from a few seconds looking at the moon last December she showed no real interest. This evening was the first clear slot for what feels like weeks (just a couple of hours) and I decided to get the telescope out before bedtime. To my delight, this time she was keen to come out and have a look with me and we spent an enjoyable half hour or so looking at some of the sights. I showed her the clusters M36 and M37 in Auriga, the Double Cluster, Orion Nebula and the Pleiades. She spent a good length of time looking at the open clusters and obviously enjoyed how pretty they look.

Hopefully she'll join me for a few more observing sessions this winter, when conditions are better!

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Lovely stuff! My 9yr old is beginning to show an interest - at least in naked eye stuff ;)

I'm fascinated by just how wide her pupils dilate - she sees 7+ stars in the Pleiades pretty easily without much dark adaption, and loves how averted vision makes that area glow. I'm keen to get her to look through my 15" and see if she can see any pinky red in M42!

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