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EQMod hotkey control?


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Hello all ....

Does anyone know of anyway to link actions in EQMod to hotkeys?

I know I can connect a gamepad but there are a few functions (UnPark, Track, Park to name a few) that would be handy using just the keyboard.




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The problem with using a keyboard is that for EQMOD to receive key press notifications from windows its window must have current focus. EQMOD does provide a "slew pad" window that when open will receive mouse and keyboard events and this can be used to provide limited control of the mount (i.e. slews, rate changes, spiral slew etc.

Default key assignments are:

Button 7: Slew North West
Button 8: Slew North
Button 9: Slew North East
Button 4: Slew West
Button 6: Slew West
Button 1: Slew SouthWest
Button 2: Slew South
Button 3: Slew SouthEast
Left Arrow : Slew West
Right Arrow : Slew East
Up Arrow: Slew North
Down Arrow: Slew South
Button 5: EMERGENCY STOP/Disable Tracking
Button 0: Activate Sidreal Tracking
Button +: increase rate preset
Button -: Decrease rate preset
Button *: Spiral search

Note that detection of these keys will be dependent on the numlock state.

The assignments can be changed by editing the joystick.ini file ([keydefs] section) - provided you know the function code for the keys you which to use (the slew pad window displays this when a key is pressed.


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