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Hello everyone


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Hi all,

after years with an ETX 90, I finally got myself a dob.  Bought a Meade Lightbridge 250 on eBay - good price and well looked after.  Fitted a Celestron RACI finderscope and, as the scope nosedived, realised that the friction brake wasn't going to cut it.  Fitted a lump hammer to the mirror fan fixings and that seems to have balanced things out, although altitude still has a bit of "stiction" - any advice appreciated.

Unfortunately a neighbour has fitted a security light to the apex of their house and the sensor points at their central heating vent.  If ships ever get past Tadcaster then there is certainly no danger of hitting rocks in Wetherby.

I took it out for a dark sky airing to Yorkshire Moors.  It took about 15 minutes to assemble and collimate - rediscovered the pleasures of star hopping after years of faffing about with Autostar. Good views of the Orion nebulae and Andromeda galaxies and located Uranus - a first for me! (You have to be careful how you describe that event to friends and family.) Dew cancelled play after about ninety minutes, so cue for more mods.

I have put together a shroud with old tarpaulin and a black foam camping mat, cobbled shrouds for the finders and am still working out how to make a foam collar stay on the end of the OTA. (An air duct quick release clamp is currently under investigation but it may be too heavy!)  Look forward to any advice and tips as I continue my bumpy progress.IMG_2738.JPGIMG_2740.JPGIMG_2741.JPGIMG_2743.JPG




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