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Walking on the Moon

A 3 degree Flame


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There are a few really good Flaming Star area images being posted at the moment, and here is my attempt. Taken about 4 weeks ago, but with things being hectic, not had a chance to really combine all the data till now. I discarded a rather grim set of Oiii subs, so this is an HaRGB image. The 3 degree comes from the field of view given by my setup, although this has been cropped a fair bit now due to stacking/image rotation between sessions etc. TS60ED scope on an HEQ5, using a ZWO ASI1600. 68 x 5 min Ha and 55 x 30 seconds for each RGB.




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1 hour ago, Owmuchonomy said:

I see. Unfortunately I'm a Mac kind of guy.

Me too but I gave up trying to control the scope with a mac and just used an old windows laptop for control and capture and run the whole thing from inside using my mac via teamviewer. 


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57 minutes ago, Owmuchonomy said:

I see. Unfortunately I'm a Mac kind of guy.

You should get yourself a copy of virtualbox (free) and windows https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

I really like that it's easy to choose os. I know people running windows and or Linux on apple hardware and osx on pc hardware. Some of those might need some tweaking, but getting windows running in a vm on apple osx is done in minutes. (you will need a windows license though). This will save you some headaces in letting you run all windows software. A sound investment in a windows license if you ask me :)

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15 hours ago, MattJenko said:

I tried Mac for a while. With Aocapture for planetary, Nebulosity and Nick's Atik drivers it all worked apart from plate solving.

Yes, I use oaCapture but its not suitable for longer exposures, yet. @JamesF is working on it though I believe.

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