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Lunar rework from the 14th Dec... Too Much?


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Hi All,

Following on from my post on the 14/12/16 and a few pointers on reworking and @Stu also sharpening up the image I realised there was probably more I could do with the processing and more to get out of the image..

Again, as this was shot through the high level Haze with a 72mm Ed 1.5x barlow and a Cannon 750D at ISO100 1/40 this new version is a stack of 237 of th ebest frames in PiPP and put through registax.. Black magic done in there too (wavelets) and a final process in cannon pro 4.

Is it too Much...?

New Version

Moon Reworked 14-12-16 sharpen.JPG


Original Version

Final moon 14-12-16.jpg

Thanks for looking and any advice on the post processing more than welcome (and needed)



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22 hours ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Certainly better. I would try to stack with AutoStakkert, however. The limb shows some artefacts that I associate with Registax.


Thanks Michael, are you talking about the limb brightening from 12 o'clock to 4 (ish) or the slight blurring around 7..?

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Yes id put this down to the limb brightening that over sharpening and de noising the first few wavelet layers seemed to introduce... Hence why asking if I'd gone too far... 

Its a fascinating learning curve this image processing so appreciate any input.. Thanks michael



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