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Baader or Astronomik filters


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Time is coming close for me to get all new gear for my, home made observatory which will be finished by February.
So far as gear goes its GSO 12"RC, EQ8 and a Moravian Inst G4-9000 or G4-16803. What would be better a 7 square 50mnm filter wheel or a 9 unmounted 50mm filter wheel? At least with a 9 a can get a clear filter.

I've been look at filters and the 2 brands I choose are Baader or Astronomik. Astrodon is to expensive, so it's a long term goal.
I was thinking of getting LRGB O3 6nm S2 6nm from Astronomik and Ha 3.5nm from Baader. I did read that the filters did have light issues.

What are people's experience with these filter? Do you have any issues with them? Is there any other information I need to know?

I live between dark green and blue, so I do have good dark skies.


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For that camera/sensor combination I recommend you use 50x50mm square filters - as do Moravian themselves to avoid vignetting. LRGB I use Baader and they work well, but Astronomic are a respectable make so should also be adequate - I doubt there is any practical difference between them in terms of performance. For Narrowband I use Chroma 3nM filters which are excellent but not much cheaper than Astrodon unfortunately. However I would use the same make for all three wavelengths rather than mix manufacturers so choose from either Baader or Astronomic.


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Would there be much of a difference from a 3.5nm baader to a 6nm Astronomik. Same goes with a 6nm O3 and S2 Astronomik compared to a 8nm S2 and 8.5nm O3?

Does anyone have screen shot comparison or links to other websites?

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