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Hello from Norway


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Hello everyone! Im a redbearded viking from Norway who somehow ended up here.
I know as much about astronomy as your average hampster, but ive decided to buy a 8inch dob(gso/skywatcher or orion) :D 
Now I just need to decide which one! 

This seems like a nice place to start haha.


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Hello, Illusive, and welcome to SGL - it's good to have here!

A fine choice in telescopes. Either of these can easily last a lifetime of new & fascinating observation. And we here love helping find answers to astro-based questions - so ask freely in the many forums.

Starry Skies!


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Thanks alot for the warm welcome :) you guys rock!

In the end I went way above budget and decided on a   10" GSO dobsonian in the end :D Made another post about it in the equipment section! 

Hope I made the right choice :p 

edit: reasons

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