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Lunar tremors


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Although it is little more than a great piece of rock with very little geological activity, the Moon also has its shakes. These earthquake-like movements are divided into four categories, the first three (deep tremors, vibrations from meteorite impacts and thermal movements caused by the Sun's heat) relatively harmless.
Already the fourth variant ("shallow" tremors) can be quite unpleasant, reaching 5.5 degrees on the Richter scale and lasting for incredibly long 10 minutes. According to NASA, another effect of them is to make the Moon "sound like a bell". And the scariest thing is that we have no idea of the motive behind the earthquakes, since the satellite does not have active tectonic plates.
Some researchers believe that occurrences may be related to tidal activities on Earth, which are caused by lunar attraction. However, this theory is inconclusive, as maritime forces affect the Moon as a whole, but tremors occur in specific places.
Source: Megacurioso

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astroavani.............get closer!
I have no idea where anything is on the Moon (Apollo sites)  as its not my specialty  at this time, but there's plenty of time to learn!

Is it possible to see anything left behind John. 

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7 minutes ago, Charic said:

...Is it possible to see anything left behind John. 

No. The largest object left on the surface is around the size of a small car. The best resolution we can see with our scopes is probably around half a kilometer.

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter can resolve such details though:


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