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8.9 Day Moon last week


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2 panel whole shot and a 7 panel lower terminator plus a single shot of Mare Imbrium, Caucasus and Apennines.

All done from single shoots on my Canon 650D ISO200 125th sec on a 9.25 SCT.

The terminator was helped along with the use of a Powermate 2.5 Barlow. I think I over sharpened the Apennine & Caucasus shot.

There were high misty clouds which also caused variation in lighting.

2 pane flattened_edited-1.jpg

Appenine and Caucasus Mountains.jpg

Mutlipanel terminato 2r.jpg

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I have one of those Featherlight 10:1 focusers as a mod on the SCT and I spend a lot of time with focusing using the live view on the fold out screen on the Canon at 5x. 10x is a tad too much even with a solidly pier mounted set up.

The plateau/terrace ridges on the inside of Archimedes crater wall were used as a focus aid as there was lots of definition.

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