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Moon Quickie


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Hi All,

Last Friday I pulled out the new scope scope to have a look at the moon. I did the collimation and left it outside for about 2 hours to allow the mirrors to reach equilibrium.

The view through it was BRIGHT, and I mean bright, to the point it was not comfortable viewing it with out a CIR Polarizer set to almost its dimmest setting.

I could see that the seeing was not the best, it was fluctuating in and out of focus quite severely but I still decided to try to get a few images of the moon. Through the DMK41 and a IRPass685 filter the poor seeing was obvious, it was like looking through water.

The attached images are a result if 20% best frames from 2000 frames stacked in Autostakkert 2 and wavelets applied in RegiStax 6, a slight Unsharp mask added in PS.

Thanks for looking,


Clavius 10Dec2016.JPG

Copernicus 10Dec2016.JPG

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34 minutes ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

Nice results. I personally use deconvolution in ImPPG rather than wavelets in Registax for lunar and solar imaging (RS wavelets is better in planetary, I find).

Thanks for the tip.

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