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Nice work D, some quality machining skills.

The weather forecast for the week ahead is pretty much all cloud, so I decided that it therefore wouldn't make any difference if I bought some new equipment. I took a trip to Green Witch this lunchtime, I've attached a small clue & might bring it along tonight for everyone else to have a look at.

Looking forward to the quiz as well!


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2 minutes ago, MattGoo said:

Yes, that's the first correct answer for today, a QHY Mini Guidescope. It's significantly lighter than the ST80 and simply mounts into a standard finder-shoe fitting.

In related news, a ST80 will soon be listed on AB&S :)

Yay! Me and Soupy were right. It'll be so much better than the ST80. Won't have as much flexure and should give you better results. Would like to have a look at it if you bring it tonight. Once you've had chance to test it out you'll have to give your verdict. Might end up selling the 50mm guidescope to buy one of those instead, and I've got a buyer for my guidescope if I decide to go down that route. Might be better on the Equinox 80 as it'll be be lighter than the 50mm guidescope :)

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