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Walking on the Moon

A Little Treat for Me


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I took delivery today of a shiny new star adventurer (thanks FLO!). If obeying the rules laid down by SWMBO I should have waited until I've sold off some kit before making the purchase, but I convinced myself not to wait as I wanted to get some practice in with this mount before a big trip to dark skies just after Christmas (and what are rules for if not to be broken?!). Consequently this is stashed at work for now but dear wife is away so I'm having a little play :)

Set it up on the balcony with a 700d and 135mm takumar. Set the intervalometer to 600s and fired away. 

I came back to the screen expecting some trailing but its actually pretty good! This image is of Deneb which itself is nice and round but the smaller stars are showing slight elongation, only very slight mind. And only when zoomed right in. 

What a lovely little mount! 


Edit: Swung it round a bit and tried another 600s on the star 'Alpheratz', which is close to the celestial equator and therefore more of a challenge.  The image showed slightly more elongation in the stars but still perfectly acceptable when viewed at full resolution (to me at least!)




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