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My second attempt at imaging the Moon!

A budding astronomer

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So my last post about imaging the moon got alot of good feedback from you guys. But today after a down-pouring, overcast afternoon came a glorious clear evening with a beautiful red/purple sunset and an incredible Waxing Gibbous beaming onto the soaked pathways and grass in my garden. I set up my telescope on my little platform as usual along with my laptop, Neximage Burst camera and eyepieces. ( to align the Moon. )

I took 3 images of the Moon tonight. But out of the three my favorite was the image I took of the Copernicus crater. I know to a professional astrophotographer ( The majority of SL ;) ) the image isn't the greatest, but to a novice astrophotographer like me I think I done a decent job. What do you think?


moon4 processed.jpg

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Copernicus crater not Tycho.
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4 minutes ago, A budding astronomer said:

Cool! If you want to PM me the final image please do.

I think you misread :)

it says It'll, as in it will, not I will.. meaning using the wavelets and NR controls will. 

Hope that's cleared that up :)


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Nice Adam.. it's a great area to photo is tycho... there's a good tutorial as part of the registax Web page I used when processing my first stacked shots... don't be afraid to experiment with the wavelets, I stumbled of on settings that really work with my photos!

Ta, keep them coming.. it interesting to see what the "burst" camera can do.. seems a good starter package.


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