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That's is just a fan on a heat sink so it will only be able to drop the temperature a few degrees, it might be helpful for solar where the camera temp could be well above ambient but I'm not sure it will be so effective at night.

Guiding only uses very short exposures so you don't need to be concerned with the sensor temperature for that.

I made a cooler for one of my cameras; https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/274845-diy-cooler-for-asi178/

Using a peltier cooler allows you to bring the temperature well below ambient, the main limitation is conducting the heat away from the sensor.

I think the normal route for a DSLR is to make a box to put it in and cool the whole thing.  Having had my DSLR apart numerous times I had considered fitting a heat sink directly to the sensor, this would have to be a very thin copper plate behind the sensor.  I never got around to this as I bought a CCD.

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