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Walking on the Moon

Reducer test on M45


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Last saturday tested how the reducer behaves of F/5.5 with full-frame EOS 6D. There was no guiding because recently am using off-axis guiding with CCD and this setup is not suitable for such sensor size...
The forecast was not very promising and I didn't expect too much. However the result turned to be not so bad :)
TOA-130 @ F/5.5, EOS 6D, 30x120s @ISO 2500, APT, PI
If only this dust bunny was not there... In the morning made sky flats, but the sensor cleaning had removed the dust...
The tests shows that there is plane tilt, which am starting to think that is caused by the manual field rotator. All cameras that I have tried shows problem in upper left!?! Suggestions are welcome!
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On 12/10/2016 at 10:24, beka said:

Interesting to me all the same that you can get this result without using a dedicated cooled CCD camera. I am just getting started with a DSLR.

I may be mistaken but the EOS 6D may have better low light performance than other DSLR's,   Link


Nice work Ivo, always like to see a nice M45 

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4 hours ago, Thalestris24 said:

But very expensive if it's just for astro! I'd rather have a cooled mono asi1600 - if I could afford it! :)


Depends on your targets. For smaller objects a dedicated mono chip will definitely deliver on promise. However, if you are after larger animals (M45, M31, Magellanic clouds, etc), and you don't want to fiddle with mosaics, the 6D is a completely viable alternative.

The price of the two cameras are approximately the same. If the 4x covered area is valuable to you I'd suggest the canon. 

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