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M33 Rework of old data


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Been very cold here lately and cloudy most of the time, so i wanted to rework some old data in lieu of new processing skills i have acquired.  1 hour each Color 300s and 1 hour in L 600s.  Not a lot of data but sure came out pretty well.  Ill get some more data on this one at some point but i haven't been much into Imaging RGB lately.  Been stuck on narrowband.  Here is the new processes of the old data.  The first image is the new one and the second one is the old image.  I seemed to have lost the color of the HA regions so not sure if it is a better image then the second one, just different i guess.



LRGB M33 #4.png

m33-3rd trywith L.png

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or them combined together to give it some HA and bring the background down a bit.  Combined in PS at about 50%.  I may try this data with a 2x drizzle in DSS and see if it looks any better since its so small in the field of view...


LRGB M33 #4 Combined with #3.png

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The new processing is certainly a lot more refined.  You  will always have to push a little when restricted with data and considering that it is nice work.  I prefer the non-blended version as feel more natural and refined.  Extra data will return detail and SnR to what you would like.


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