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The Flaming Star Nebula


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Hello from the Coast!


It's been almost 3 months (!) since a descent night to image and hence nothing to really add to this great site......then...


Yesterday was amazing!


Not only was it clear enough for me during the day to do some Sol imaging but I was also able to do the Moon at dusk and then after that some deep sky well into the night. All that pain and suffering for nearly 3 months finally paid off.

I've never even thought of imaging this wonderful area of the night sky until last night. Mainly because my DSLR cameras were not spectrum enhanced and not much red H-Alpha would show. Now that I have a DSLR that is (Hutech in Cali did an amazing job thanks guys and gals!) it has opened up the entire sky to me.

The Flaming Star Nebula is both an emission and a reflection nebula in the constellation Auriga and surrounding the bluish star AE Aurigae. It has colors I've never quite seen in any other part of the sky before.

This is 20-300 second lights @ ISO 800 using the AT8IN. The temps were perfect last night. The scope was crisp and sharp with zero dew and the camera sensor never got above 40 deg f. Just right. I did 20 darks. Stacked everything in DSS using Median method. Then onto PS for a small tweek. Let me know what you think of the final results and processing. Look up!




Flaming Star Nebula small.jpg

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